Help Protect White River National Forest from Drilling

With well pads, compressors, pipelines and hundreds of truck trips, fracking in our national forests would mean turning our most special places into industrial zones.

The Colorado Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) is proposing to block fracking wells from breaking ground in White River National Forest and the Thompson Divide, but the oil and gas industry is working to block their action.

We need to tell the BLM to stand strong against the oil and gas industry and protect White River National Forest from further development.

Here are the dirty details: The BLM just released its draft analysis of 65 illegally issued leases in the Thompson Divide and nearby roadless areas on the White River National Forest. The agency's proposed action is good; it calls for full or partial cancellation of 25 leases inside the Thompson Divide and it would add protections for roadless areas in White River. The plan is a good step in the right direction, but BLM can and should do better. Sign the letter below asking them to cancel all the illegally issues leases in Thompson Divide and White River National Forest.