We need to #PutSolarOnIt 

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Put Solar On It

We've just begun to tap the potential to power the nation with virtually unlimited and pollution-free energy from the sun. With the cost of solar energy declining, we must take advantage of solar energy to meet our energy needs while reducing pollution that harms our health and contributes to global warming.   

That's why we are asking our state leaders to commit to a bold goal of getting 20% of our power from the sun by 2025.  

Subject: Let's Go Solar
Solar energy can provide pollution-free, virtually limitless power for Colorado. Yet right now, just a small fraction of our power comes from the sun. I encourage you to move Colorado in the direction of a solar future by setting a baseline goal of at least 20 percent by 2025.

The cost of solar energy is declining. The cost of polluting our environment with fossil fuels is increasing, by continuing to pollute our air, water and contributing to global warming.

Please help to set strong goals for solar, to put us on a path to clean energy leadership.