Tell Sen. Gardner to protect our air

The U.S. Senate is set to vote this week to roll back methane waste regulations that protect Colorado’s air and our families’ health. Senator Cory Gardner is a critical undecided vote on this legislation, and your voice could make the difference.

Send a note to Sen. Gardner’s office right now urging him to vote no on repealing protections for Colorado’s air.

Methane is a potent climate change pollutant and a serious threat to human health. And right here in Colorado, it’s an issue we’re tackling head on. In fact, the federal rule that the Senate may vote to repeal is based on a successful law that our state pioneered.

On behalf of Colorado’s families, our air, and the public lands we love, Environment Colorado urges Sen. Gardner to vote against rolling back the methane waste rule. At a time when swiftly transitioning to renewable energy to reduce global warming pollution is the only responsible course of action, voting to make Colorado’s air dirtier takes us in the wrong direction.

Send a note to Sen. Gardner’s office right now telling him that you agree.

Subject: Please Vote NO on Repealing Methane Waste Rules